We are interested in understanding how microorganisms that reside in complex communities interact through the sharing of nutrients, and how these interactions shape the composition and function of microbial communities. Our major research focus is on the vitamin B12 family of molecules (corrinoids), nutrients that are synthesized only by a fraction of the bacteria that use them. We use molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry to investigate how these cofactors are synthesized, used, and acquired by bacteria.


Welcome to our new rotation students

Gordon Pherribo and Kris Kennedy join us from the PMB microbiology program.

New Publication: Anaerobic Biosynthesis of Lower Ligand of Vitamin B12

August 2015. Amrita and collaborators reveal the bzaABCDE genes to make benzimidazole lower ligands anaerobically in their new paper in PNAS.

Graduate Student Amanda Shelton is awarded the Grace Kase Fellowship!

July 2015. Amanda was selected by the PMB Department to receive the Grace Kase Fellowship. Congratulations, Amanda!

Congratulations, Dr. Erica Seth!

December 2014 Erica has submitted her thesis and received the PhD lollipop, so she is officially graduated. Congratulations, Erica!


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