We are interested in understanding how microorganisms that reside in complex communities interact through the sharing of nutrients, and how these interactions shape the composition and function of microbial communities. Our major research focus is on the vitamin B12 family of molecules (corrinoids), nutrients that are synthesized only by a fraction of the bacteria that use them. We use molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry to investigate how these cofactors are synthesized, used, and acquired by bacteria.


Welcome to new undergrad!

Clare Lou from the Microbial Sciences major joins the lab.

2016 Conference Round-Up

WCBP Meeting 2016
The Taga lab went to the Gordon Research Conference on Tetrapyrroles this summer where Olga and Amanda presented posters. The lab went to West Coast Bacterial Physiologists in December, where Amanda gave a talk. Here's a photo of us in Sand City, near Monterrey, after the West Coast Meeting!

Welcome to new undergrads

Anna Grimaldo and Jenny Marino join the Taga lab from the URAP program.

New review on microbial communities in FEMS Microbiology Reviews

July 2016. Nicole's and Michi's review on microbial communities is available to read on FEMS Microbiology Reviews at DOI: 10.1093/femsre/fuw019. They describe the variety of approaches used to decode microbial interactions and the necessity of top-down, bottom-up, and everything in between approaches to understand the complexity of microbial communities.

Kris Kennedy and Gordon Pherribo join the lab

May 2016. Two PMB microbiology graduate students, Kris Kennedy and Gordon Pherribo, join the lab.


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