Zoom in on any patch of our planet and you will find a diverse group of microorganisms living together. Invisible to the naked eye, microbes live in complex communities that inhabit oceans, soils, our homes, and our bodies. Microbes are not mere inhabitants of these environments; they play a major role in the health of the environment in which they reside. Various types of molecular interactions occur between species in a microbial community, such as the exchange of nutrients or competition for resources. These molecular relationships shape the composition of the community and, in turn, the health of the ecosystem. However, the specifics of microbial interactions remain unknown. By examining microbes in isolation, in co-cultures, and within wholescale communities, the Taga Lab aims to uncover hidden interactions between microbes. We hope to apply our knowledge to manipulate microbial growth in controlled ways in order to dissect relationships between microbes and uncover new ways to promote environmental and human health.


Welcoming Lab Members

June 2014. We are excited to welcome grad student Olga Sokolovskaya and postdoc Florian Widner to the lab!

New Publication

January 2014. "Human Gut Microbes Use Multiple Transporters to Distinguish Vitamin B12 Analogs and Compete in the Gut"

Welcome Dennis and Matty

Dennis Suazo and Matt Weaver join the Taga Lab for a rotation. Welcome Dennis and Matty!

Congratulations Zoila, Becky and Gordon on your Fellowships and New Trainee Appointments!

Zoila Alvarez-Aponte is the recipient of the Grace Kase Fellowship! She was selected because of her excellent academic and rotation performance during her first year as a graduate student in PMB. This fellowship is established to support PMB graduate students pursuing research in plant or microbial biology. Becky Procknow has become a 2-year trainee under the Genetic Dissection of Cells and Organisms Training Program (GDTP) for students who have chosen genetics as the focus of their research! Gordon Pherribo was selected to be a David P. Gardner Fellow through the Center for Higher Education Studies! Fellows participants engage with work from a range of disciplines on the subject of higher education, present their dissertation work, and network and hear from scholars of higher education from both on and off campus.


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