Zoom in on any patch of our planet and you will find a diverse group of microorganisms living together. Invisible to the naked eye, microbes live in complex communities that inhabit oceans, soils, our homes, and our bodies. Microbes are not mere inhabitants of these environments; they play a major role in the health of the environment in which they reside. Various types of molecular interactions occur between species in a microbial community, such as the exchange of nutrients or competition for resources. These molecular relationships shape the composition of the community and, in turn, the health of the ecosystem. However, the specifics of microbial interactions remain unknown. By examining microbes in isolation, in co-cultures, and within wholescale communities, the Taga Lab aims to uncover hidden interactions between microbes. We hope to apply our knowledge to manipulate microbial growth in controlled ways in order to dissect relationships between microbes and uncover new ways to promote environmental and human health.


Olga presenting at 2017 West Coast Bacterial Physiologists Meeting

Grad student Olga Sokolovskaya is presenting a talk on her research at the West Coast Bacterial Physiologists Meeting (Dec 15-17). Look for her and the lab at the meeting!

Taga lab presents at PMB Department Retreat!

Members of the Taga lab presented at the 2017 Plant and Microbial Department Retreat. Kris Kennedy gave a talk and Amanda Shelton presented a poster.

Updated research page on our website!

Check out our updated Research Page on our website to see what we are currently working on. Our past work is featured on our Publications Page.

Taga Lab at conferences this summer!

The Taga lab has been busy going to conferences this summer. Grad students Olga, Amanda, and Kris presented posters at the Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways GRC, the Applied and Environmental Microbiology GRC, and the JGI Microbial and Plant Systems Modulated by Secondary Metabolites Meeting respectively. Professor Michi Taga presented at the Molecular Genetics of Bacteria and Phages Meeting and the NIH Microbiome Workshop.

Kris passed quals!

June 2017. Kris Kennedy passed his qualifying exam! Congratulations!

Gordon passed his quals!

May 2017. Gordon Pherribo passed his qualifying exam! Congratulations!


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